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Hi, my name is Shyfrah

and I'm an Interaction Designer

Now you might think what is an Interaction Designer? It is like Steve Jobs once said:

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

And that is actually what Interaction Design is all about. Creating beautiful designs is one thing, but it doesn't automatically mean it has the desired user experience. That’s why Interactions Designers start by focussing on the end-users' needs and that’s why everything we create has logical and thought out behaviors and actions.

Now that you've got an idea of what it is that I do, you might ask how I became an Interaction Designer. I’ve always been a creative person, whether it was with crafts at primary school or later on by beautifying my school papers on the computer. I always made sure everthing looked as best as it could. But it wasn’t until I handed in my final geometrics paper at the havo, when my teacher told me I should think about a career as a designer. To me it was kind of normal to make my papers as nice as possible. I always made sure I had chosen a nice typography, colour and layout. I even “photoshopped” one of my classmates in a picture with Paint. So my teacher got me kinda curious so I attended Communication and Multimedia Design's open day. And that's when I fell in love with design.

Personal info

January 3, 1990

Born, The Netherlands


Curious Responsible
Polite Perfectionist
Independent Social
Determined Creative Flexible


Dutch (native)





Windows XP - 10

Mac OS X El Capitan

Microsoft Office









Angular 2+






2019 - present

Team Lead and Project Planner ORBI - Sitech Services BV (via KIOTA)

Through KIOTA I am currently working at Sitech Services as a Team Lead and Project Planner for the ORBI project. In the ORBI project, we map the integrity of the (OMA) plants at the Brightlands Chemelot site. We collect all kinds of important information about equipments and map out how these equipments are constructed. We then store this information in the Asset Performance System (APM) so that it can then be assessed by the experts. All our data will be used in the comming Turn Around for the plant we are working on.

2019 - present

IT Consultant - KIOTA B.V.

I'm currently working as an IT Consultant at KIOTA. Here I execute interim assignments with the specialization on front-end development.

2017 - 2019

Webdesigner and Front-end developer - Wickey GmBH & Co. KG Gangelt (DE)

As a webdesinger and front-end developer I mainly worked on designing and implementing the new website. Next to that I was responsible for the redesign project planning and for the compliance of the corporate identity

2015 - 2016

Interaction Design Intern - Co-eur Maastricht

For my graduation project I researched new media possibilities for a obesity treatment at Co-eur. I created a concept for a online community, which I later on designed, prototyped (HTML) and tested. Next to my graduation project I did some design work for Co-eur’s parent company Zorg van de Zaak. Click here to see my work.


Interaction Design Intern - Ivengi Maastricht

During this internship I created a new logo and website for one of Ivengi’s partners. Next to that I designed some brochures for Ivengi and had some small design and front-end projects.


Design and Front-end Intern - Betawerk Heerlen

For this internship I designed a big poster (roll-up banner) and some promotional flyers. I also designed and developed some HTML newsletters and did a little bit of front-end development.


2009 - 2016

HBO Communication and Multimedia Design - Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, Maastricht Academy of Media design and Technology

I started studying Communication and Multimedia Design (CMD) right after I graduated form the havo. The study CMD trains people to design digital media which is not only pleasant for the eye but also meets the end users’ needs.

2015 - 2016

Extra curricular language course French DELF B1 - Zuyd University Maastricht

J'ai suivi un cours extracurriculaire de langue française du novembre 2015 au avril 2016. Ce cours a pour but de permettre aux participants de s'exprimer avec plus d'aisance dans un environnement professionnel.

2007 - 2009

Havo Economics & Society - ROC Leeuwenborgh Maastricht

After finishing the vmbo I started with the Economics and Society profile at the havo, a stream in the secondary educational system of the Netherlands. This profile emphasizes on social sciences, economy, and history. The mathematics classes focus on statistics and stochastics. This profile prepares for social science and economy training at the HBO.

2002 - 2006

Vmbo Trade and Administration (TL) - Sint Maartenscollege Maastricht

After finishing primary school I started at the vmbo, a stream in the secondary educational system of the Netherlands. After two year I chose the Trade and Administration profile and could practice it at a theoretical level (Theoretische leerweg). It prepares for middle management and vocational training in the mbo-level of tertiary education and it is needed to enter havo.

© 2015 , Shyfrah van Helvert