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Graduation Project: Mijn Co-eur

Excess weight and obesity is a growing problem in the Netherlands. In 2014 over 43 percent of the Dutch population was overweight, of this 43 percent 12,2 percent had obesity. Which is about 1,5 times as much as it was in the '80s. And despite of all the initiatives to reduce this rate the problem keeps on growing.

Co-eur, a center for people with obesity and eating disorders, provides a treatment for adults with (severe) obesity and the associated psychological problems. Their treatment consists mainly of physical sessions with a psychologist, physiotherapist, dietitian and physician.

But in a digital world like now physical gatherings aren't enough anymore. As technology grows, so grows the need of digital assistance. So for my Graduation Project I examined the new media possibilities for a obesity treatment at Co-eur.

The results of my research lead to the development of a HTML prototype of Co-eur's own online platform 'Mijn Co-eur' with a private community for both clients and clinicians.

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Research, concepting, wireframing, responsive webdesign, prototyping (front-end HTML)

© Shyfrah van Helvert 2016